Good day peeps!
I bet it is true that most girl will agree with me, 
bags are part of women's life.
No matter how much we hate carrying it, out we still need it to carry our essential things.
To me, I would always opt for a  Doraemon's Pocket function when getting a bag.
Looks seemingly small to medium but able to carries lots of things and weight!
You guys wanna know why?
Look at this photo...

I have already minimize things to be bring out,
but I think these is a must...
These things I stuffed in my bag are exclude from camera & scarf.
Usually I will just dump some of them on my table and in my car
when things gets really heavy.
I even get bruise on my arm sometimes when carrying all these so called important things.

To most women, I believe  that bags are part of what help us in daily life,
same to men but they most of them would prefer not to carry one.
I would say that it is an essential item because most of us (women) will probably get the best
bag in town that fits us. 
It is not just merely a bag, 
it is an investment, 
probably part of our essential item in life we carries that describe our personality.

I'm one of the girl who doesn't like my beloved bag torn up or became nonfunctional one day in future.
Definitely, my priority would always go for quality, price, and best look & design that I really love!
Being in shopping mode for bags, 
I would always go to the internet to look after the design I wanted.
I'm quite lazy to sometimes shop in the mall as not always,
I have much time to search every corner of the mall and able to get the bag I wanted.
I started to get into Internet and surf all the blogshops and online shopping websites.
Believe me,
some of the design of bags in Internet are better as mall may not selling it.
there are a lot sales going on in the websites all year long!
That makes me sometimes prefer to purchase online because it is cheaper than the market price in the mall.
I know I am lazy... haha

do you people felt being spoiled when women shop for bags?
I do felt so since I will purchase few bags even though I already have one.
But I would blame it to the bag designers.
Women have whole variety of bag styles to choose from!!!
Handbags, tote bags, sling bags, clutch and shoulder bags!
I bet there are a lot more different design out there yet I may not seen it.
Just look at the handbags below,
they reflect the latest trends and yet, some are super affordable.
I gotta give a salute to bag designers as they designed it that can match them with almost any outfit imaginable.
We have super huge numbers of brands to be choose from...
We girls are never really out of idea to choose bags,
mostly as mentioned,
we are being spoiled with too many designs to choose from!

We are being so spoiled that
Women can pick these bags to match our daily outfit effortlessly,
changing from boring outfit to astonishing attractive look from just a bag we chose.
Wearing a striking bold color outfit with a plain color bags,
wearing a monotone outfit with a bold color bags...
We are really a lucky creatures to have bags in our life!

For girls who don't feel like carrying a heavy bag
(unlike me, it is hard to see me with small carries)
or you do not have such many stuff to carry out like me here,
Clutch and Sling Bag would be your love!
most clutch and sling bags are designed so well that the strap are adjustable,
therefore Asian girls like me and my friends who are kind of short able to fit to these bag just nice.

Online shopping is the ‘in-thing’ today and there are so many websites that do delivery in Malaysia.
I would definitely go after reliable websites that are selling authentic products 
as well as affordable and wide cost ranges I can choose from.
Zalora is an online shopping destination that can be found in Malaysia itself. 
With such a generous collection of women’s bags, 
you will definitely spend hours choosing which one to buy! 

Their bags are fashionable and very affordable. 
The best part is that they have free delivery available (+1 point!!!) 
and you can return your goods if you do not find them satisfactory. 
Shopping online is so easy and convenient. 
Get your bags at Zalora Malaysia today!

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