REVIEW: Shills Skin Renew Essence Mandelic Acid

Hello people!!!!
Time to update my post but this time
I'm lucky enough to win myself a bottle of 
Shills Skin Renew Essence Mandelic Acid 
(Okay the words is kind of long, I know.)

Getting to know I'm winning this 10ml bottle of Shills Skin Renew Essence will need myself to post a review after using it.
However before writing the review part.
I received an email from SASA mentioning the product can be redeem on 19th April onwards.
And being punctual enough, I did went to Puchong IOI Mall SASA to redeem it on the day itself.
I'm quite disappointed when the sample hasn't arrived in the hand of SASA staff.
Really dissappointed because I came all the way from Serdang to there.
But it was alright since the staff is well enough to ask me come on next week.
Since SASA IOI branch do not know when it will be arrive, 
I immediately send an email to query on the arrival and situation I am facing.
My response received was fast and even the SASA IOI branch called to me when this sample arrived.
All I can say is yes, 
they handled it very professionally.
*thumbs up*

Getting to hold this bottle of Skin Renew Essence on my hand,
first impression was does it makes my skin even more greasy?
I definitely would say most oil based essence doesn't make my skin feel better.

To start this review,

I need to clarify to readers that my skin condition now is combination of dry and oily (t-zone)
I started to use it by apply my normal routine product after cleanse my face thoroughly.
I spray Avene Thermal Spring Water, apply DiorSnow DNA Control Day Essence and apply Shills Skin Renew Essence before my Moisturiser, 
The Face Shop Tea Tree Mild Lotion (but I stop using it recently as my skin react otherwise).

I applied it daily before I go to work.

Product is not what I expected to be such oily.
It is more to liquid type of oil.
It disperse and absorb very quickly on my skin. 
Impressively, I do love this product.
My skin have a dewy glow, and my pores look fine at the first week of usage.
My skin feels aint oily and less oily than normally it does,
and this is for the coming second and third week of usage.
My face is quite small therefore this product last me quite a while.
As well, this product lasted reason are also due to I often use Avene Thermal Spring Water
before apply any other face product.
This also meant that I do not need to apply much of product
since I am actually quite afraid of new product may not suits my skin.
I have a lot of bad experience on most product 
I purchase no matter expensive or cheap that doesn't suits my skin.

Coming up to third week onward,

I felt my skin started to turn dry especially on my cheek area.
Then I started to reduce the usage to two to three days for apply Shills Skin Renew Essence.
Then I stops now as my skin end up dry up on some part.
This may be part of my combination skin issue.
Other than using Shills Renew Skin Essence as my daily skin care product,
I tried twice to mix two small drops of this essence to my 
Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX.
It was quite a surprise that when I added it to the mask.
The texture changes to more watery.
It makes it easily absorb by the skin and of coz it did not turn out as moisture 
as normal application in the next morning.
I took it as it absorb well the next day since it is dryer than normal application of mask.


I love how the outcome of this product,it takes sometime before it shows the result.
That took almost end of one week of usage.
But result in a week for me is quite a fast turn out.
My skin have a radiance glow.
Pores looks fine and almost flawless after apply it.
My face have whiteheads and I don't know how to called most of those little dirt in my pores =S *gross*
Well for those of it, it is easily clean off when I personally 'digs' them out =D
However after my dry skin turns out,
I never use it anymore as it is already reaching ending of fourth weeks.
Perhaps I should have use it on a few day basis if I ever consider to purchase it again.

This is my face condition before the product usage

(not very clear huh =/)

This is my face condition after the product usage
Obviously I cant see the difference from the picture due to bad lighting.
However, my face gotten very dry at the area I had mentioned and better at my T-zone.

Will I purchase it in future?

Yes, only when my budget for skin care product allow me to.
Usage will be few days basis as mentioned above.
I will as well take care of the area I will apply on 
since I have combination skin.
Somehow, my face will need this dose of Shills Skin Renew Essence a little lesser than I expected.

I'm literally quite happy to get to approach this product!
Thanks SASA.

dreamie land ....

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