bring me away to somewhere beautiful...

somebody bring me away
to somewhere beautiful

drift me away

somewhere near the shore... 
where i can spend my day
walking on the beautiful seaside.
i would enjoy hearing the waves when it hit the shore.
enjoy picking up shells.
enjoy leaving my prints on the sand.
enjoy the sunset in the evening....

somewhere windy..
with summer's feel...
where everyone is having fun at.
having bicycle ride at the evening while sun setting is a good choice too...

bring me to somewhere romantic?
i don't deny the fact that Paris is a romantic place for a vacation...
somehow i still think it's a very beautiful place.
with nice eye viewing city.
anyone know malaysia have such a similar beautiful places
to visit?

anywhere that it could be
just that it must be a beautiful place to spend my day at.

so that i can recharge after go to these places
 and move on with my life.

dreamie land ....

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