musical carousel

just make me think of one thing
that i wish to own
but i guess my parent would not spend their money on that
it's a carousel musical box
if not mistaken it was not too long ago i saw it in S&J
but it's a very simple dimple one
even in lovely lace shop also have it
that one look nicer~

hey.. my $$ man !!!
*sob sob*
wondering if i buy it, my money will just gone.
i guess better save it as my own present
gifting to myself next
gotta save now.
since been wanting it for quite some time already
wanna make my wish
es come true ^^
too bad i can't search it's picture on the net

couldn't save the image
but i can find some other image of carousel music box
on google!

look at these simple one =)
some even bring vintage feel ^^

(the 1st one got LED light ~woooots)
(the second one is double decker...cun o~!)
(oh god many horses to be ride

i guess kids would definitely love it!
ignore that bunny carousel..hahaa

and not to miss out
some carousel in different shape and sizes!


when i want something
i guess that thing i want is quite tough to get in Malaysia
since it's like most of them are manufactured at western

i've seen many teddies that couldn't be find in Asia
it's so cute!!!
when u look at it you wanna cuddle it dont wanna let it go!
haha i wanna buy a pony plushie

[sudd make me think of despicable me when the lil girl shouted 'it's so fluffay i'm gonna die!!']

[this is exactly the same scene right now... == good example]

i guess it will cost a lot in Malaysia for a really really nice one~
i better buy when i get a chance to go oversea

[when? lmao]

not to forget
The Sesame Street character's
it's not cheap in Malaysia for the original & big one
sad =(

cookie monster and elmo
looks desperate to be own
when u see them displayed on the shelf


why am i still wishing to get these
i wish i am grown up sometimes!

dreamie land .....

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  1. ooo how i love love those carousels...wish i can have 1.. :)

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