it's the new beginning

hey dear friends
it's friday now,
gonna be fully a week for my semester break
and gonna be left another week
to spend!
well, my days really seems so called pack
but that THAT pack
u get what i mean? lol
no i dun think u guys get it
i got my shopping done half on saturday
with mummy!!
then another gadgets shopping on sunday
with brother!!
and guess what?
i walk with my heels for more than 3 hours non-stop
that's crazy
tired leg
all because of my sandle torn
end up wearing heels
monday went out with mummy to finish some stuff
tuesday went to see some stuff for
next week sister's graduation
then, wednesday came!
mum and i went for one DIY tutorial
[i persuade her to go with me LOL]

we made flower
from a kinda cloth similar to panty hose material
but not a panty hose of coz
not easy though
made wrong must open back everything
and do it all over again
looks simple
but need a very good skill!
then evening go KL
mum went for class
i wait outside
thursday stay at house after morning's bah kut teh with dad and mum
today clean up part of my house
include my room
messy !
there's more to go for cleaning up other part
of my house as well
hope can finish up by tomorrow!
got a little bit tired of what i am doing nowadays
tired more to a meaning of getting bored and exhausted i guess
not a good feeling for my guts
what to do next?
should i figure out some ways to solve it?
else i guess i gonna be a lil moody i guess
[no!!! i hate moody moody!]
well forget all of the above
let me tell u dears some stuff
i got tatoo-ed!
tatoo by iron
while ironing my dad's clothes
i accidentally iron till part of my body
luckily mum gave me a gel to put on
it relieve the pain immediately
and now left a scare
one line
if i add another curve strike to the above shape from the iron
i guess it would be a NIKE's logo
just kidding guys
it hurts a lot
please dun left any scars
i hate scars!
well now,
i am blogging outside my house
while waiting for the
perseids meteor shower to show up
not easy though
did i see the wrong time
last time quite easy to see
just need to wait
but today din show up at all
i must wait !!!!!

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