yay - sem break is here!

hello dears~!
i'm back on my semester break for two weeks~!
feel the breeze again...wheeee

i cant work for this two weeks break
as most of the time,
gonna be doing my own personal stuff
and accompany mum..
it's my job and responsible for this break =P
pampering myself is also another job in this sem break.

this semester really make me feel

since starting of the semester
we have legacy
an experience for my friends and i.
then getting near to may and june,
i get packed with assignments, test and presentation
that will never leave me to hand up
in each week

at least i make it
i did my best on everything
to get the best.
final ends today,
i hope that's the best i did for this sem
really really put a big hope for it

so now,
to make sure i gain back what i've lost during my busy time,
i must take care my face now!!
eye bag, eye shadow, pimples, uneven skin tone, dull complexion
a lot to take care
and my hair tooooooooooooooo
that's the most heartache of my self
my hair...

and my house, room, dog...

what else?
shopping of coz
so money is gonna be doing it's job now

i just love holiday
after holiday will be another new semester
although it's short but it's the last semester for this year
i guess after this coming semester
it's gonna be a big preparation for a drastic change for HICT
we all are hoping for the best ahead of our college management

life's is always changing
we just have to learn to adapt
new things bring new hopes
that's where we learn to fall and stand up,
when things are difficult to encounter.
hopes everything will be smooth~

i dont know what else to type
i guess that's all for today
love u guys~!!!

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