Diana F & Fish Eye Lomo

i want it!!!!
i can't deny
there is really a lot of stuff
in my wish list!
i'm so obsessed with these thingy that catches my eye!

You know,
i've been controlling myself
from googling these kinda of stuff...
but i can't restrict!
when i gets bored,
i went and GOOGLE!
i just love GOOGLING
and it's a detriment to myself sometimes.

lomo lomo lomo lomo lomo lomo lomo lomo lomo lomo lomo lomo lomo lomo......
[these are Fish Eye lomo.]
[the first one is the second version of the fish eye lomo called fish eye 2]
[i personally love the chrome fish eye... i want it so badly =(]

[these are Diana F lomo]
[it's a pretty lomo aren't they? i just love the pink one just like that!]
[i love those effects one the photo... so dreamy]

i love it
and i love those classic look on Diana F
if they have any other version of coz it's better...
i've seen there is even brown classic casing of Diana F.
It's so attracting!
well when talk about the effect of the lomo
i dont think there is any specific effect for Diana F
coz as i make research on it,
it seems like some of the effect can be blur sided, vignetted sided,
and even color effect or some other types too...
while Fish eye are common for the round lens and even some vignetted sided.
It's quite confusing sometimes.

So the best is make a review research
on the thing u wanna purchase is the best~
lomography has actually been popular for a period of time
but the response on people purchasing it still so hawt~!
Not to forget, this season is quite popular with polaroid camera too...
those instant mini fujifilm polaroid camera is CUTE!
But not thinking to putting it in my wishlist =P
and those DSLR camera,
they can purchase a fish eye lens and take fish eye photo effect too!
It's a very cool picture outcome as i see.
coz it can fit a size of BIG AMOUNT OF PEOPLE!!!
how many can u think?
maybe 20?
yeah! it can be fitted into a picture!
and even more!

gonna make woh sheng purchase one
::kidding! XD::

dreamie land .....

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