the word of silence...

“Tell me when you hear my silence.” Think about it this way: Someone in this world is attending a funeral right now and weeping at the coffin. The lady in that to-die-for baby pink chiffon scarf who passed you in the street might have just been turned away from her last job interview for the third consecutive day. The well-dressed, smart-looking man dressed in a suit carrying his briefcase to work could be battling cancer. That rich-looking lady in the limousine that you’re really envious of, who just drove past, might be really upset because she just heard the news that her husband’s passed away in a car crash. Or maybe that grungy teen on the corner of the street is just this close to having a break down because she thinks she might be pregnant and her boyfriend is nowhere to be found. And how about that middle-aged lady who looked so kind, maybe she’s actually got no money on her to buy her dog some food and pay the hospital bills for her sick daughter? So smile at a stranger, tell a girl she’s beautiful, don’t be mean because you never know if you might just provide them with their final reason to promptly expire later that night at home.”

i found this whole para very meaningful~
i got nothing much to say...
it's all been said and explained above.

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