[the pixel not nice right? i got no idea why it will become like that =S]

finals are around the corner...
although just gonna sit for 2 subject this semester,
but getting the result that requirement is dean list
is kinda air grasping feel to me...
SCI211 - hope lecturer really read my assignment! i really put my effort in it
hope he doesn't simply give me marks that i dont want
*praying soooo hard!!*
MAT245 - this is killing me... the question always confuse me!
although i know how to solve the problem for each sub-topic
but the tricky question always makes me loose a lot of marks
and i am such a careless person when answering maths paper...

if i really can handle all the above,
i am very sure i can get into dean list...
come on wai mun!!!!

so what i really need now is

i need to focus on what i am gonna face in the exam hall
rather than these problems that keep running around my head!

wait for me!

2 Scuttlebutt:

  1. Good luck for all your finals and assessments!! I'm sure you'll do well :)

  2. thx for paying a visit here =)
    wish u have a great day ahead!




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