late owl's post...

hi peeps..
i can't sleep!!!
actually i already sleep at 10.40pm
early right?
i didn't know i can make it that early
things just stick back to the same routine
i woke up at 2am
and couldn't sleep back
hmmm =l
and the worse part,
i dream of something i hate A LOT!
it keeps bothering me.
So ignore this dream...
it's an external stress...

NOVEMBER is around the corner.
OCTOBER has been a very memorable week for me,
coz it was my last semester of this year,
my college gonna shift to the new campus,
many many LOTS of plannings to do,
i am doing a big planning as well,
[i always have plannings for each month but this seems big?]
i hope i did use this month wisely enough
so that i don't have to drag my plannings to the NOVEMBER side.

hmmmm... november?
what i'll do?
of coz, i'll search for jobs.
I've interviewed few jobs [very few!]
and they ask me to wait their calls in these week
and one on Sunday~
kinda feel ... aiks...
it's november on monday,
and all the call are on the last few days of October?
this makes me kinda nervous,
coz i wants to be hire okay!
i dont wanna drag the time to search for other jobs
if i'm not pick by them.

While on my November & December holiday~
& jobs,
i guess it's kinda hectic to me
coz i gonna push those plannings to my off day from work.
but the most important is i wanna book one of my off day
for vian.
[i am booking myself? izit a request to myself? hahaha...]
That is the day when she finished her STPM exam
that is 16th of dec. 11am. =)
hope i can adjust the time for that!

what else?
yea all my girlfriends been quite busy lately,
as most of them are gonna sit for their finals
wish you guys all the best and best of lucks!
See you guys on November =D
The thing is,
after my gf's final,
i'll be working
and they will be are spending their holidays relaxing!
Timing! T__T
i guess if really wanna go out with them
i'll have to choose Jan onwards
that is when my new semester start...
and my gf-s are still on their sem break
[i bet most of them are working... this is frustrating >__<]

i suddenly realize that new year is coming,
i need to prepare my new year resolution too...
almost forget bout it...
and time to check back whether this year's resolution did work out or not.
=D i cant wait to see it.


dreamie land .....

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