Spinner 360°

i missed to post bout Spinner 360°
when i post that Diana F and FishEye 2 lomography post~
These three are awesome thing i should get
[i know! XP]

so here it goes for SPINNER 360°

Lomography has announced the Spinner 360°, a fully mechanical camera that captures 360° panoramas on 35mm film with a spectacular spin. Simply take the Spinner 360° in one hand, pull the trigger-cord with the other and release it – in a split second the camera spins 360° around its own axis and records everything that’s around you on a frame more than 4 times longer than a conventional landscape picture. For best results, it is recommended to load the Lomography Spinner 360° with ISO 400/27° film. Given the size of the panoramic images, you can expect to manage approximately 8 frames on a standard 36-exposure roll.

it continues here =)

i never thought that i would fall in

with this lomography until the day i get to see it's outcome of that film roll~
it's an awesome lomography!

to me,
these 360° photo film just show a real life memory
than plain normal one sight view of normal camera's photo~
it describe the situations around you
interesting panoramic view!

i search it on the net
and found out it cost around MYR500
do you think it is worth to be purchase?
since one normal 135 film roll
can take almost 8 shots for photo snapping.

this is getting me thinking...
when can i purchase these 3 lomos
and if i do..
am i gonna take these three lomo out at the same time?
it sounds silly..hahaha

dreamie land .....

2 Scuttlebutt:

  1. fai~ i'm not sure for the market price right now, but i search on the net it's around RM500... maybe it's diff..

    tempting hor~! XD




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