awaiting surprise. . .

i dont know
these few days makes my
to wish and hope for a surprise...

it sound silly isn't it?
i think most probably the surprise just from self
coz there is a lot of things i wanted to do,
search and find
and just that i havent get any answer.

guess that's the reason why i am craving so much for surprises
to come to me lately...


it's been a tired week for me,
just missing the time i get to pamper myself
during my study period...
now i couldn't coz i'm tired whenever i'm back home
and i dont even have time to go out

that's why i need surprises so much now

where's my babes?
they are one of my surprise eh~?!

dreamie land .....

1 Scuttlebutt:

  1. Oh studying can be so tiring! Hope you get some rest this weekend and some happy surprises ahead




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