off day =D

13th Nov 2010
It my off day~!
i went to an event~
that was held once a year
gosh~ i can make it..
happie me =)

let the pictures do the talking...
i didn't take much picture on that day
coz it was way too crowded..
whenever i take my camera out..
people already hitting ur butt, stepping on ur shoes,
and the little lane will have massive jammed..
so i gave up on taking pictures

so i bought that FEW things in my life
in this event..
i even jot down what to buy
but i forgot!!!
how careless..
coz i was too excited at there~
my mum bought a book for me too from there

went there with mum coz she did mention she wanna follow me go as well..
so it goes as it is planned.
At that event,
i met sin yee, rabbit, albert, wabo, alex and his two friends..
i guess everyone had fun on that day~

later on my mum and i went to petaling street
it's all about foods =D
and sunway pyramid to shop

but she kinda tired so we didn't shop much
so things goes to a fullstop.
we went home.

dreamie land .....

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