- dream it, chase it -

I finally got myself settle down,
after been busying finishing my college assessment
and some other outsource activities that i put for myself.

And now i am quite free during my leisure time...
it's not quite...but VERY!
[i think it only last for 2 weeks until my finals! then busy again!]
It's not easy for me to get such a leisure time.
I didn't really get to feel 'I GOT NOTHING TO DO' since after my SPM!
[it means since year end of 2009 till now. I realize there is non-Malaysian readers here..
i have to make sure YOU guys understand what i am talking bout too]

I can even list down the reason of my busy schedule
[but grateful that i have such a pack one =)]
At times, when i get to relax and chill out myself,
doing nothing because have done all,
that is the time where i get to think back
on what i have done or been hectic for the passed days
i have gone through.

I figure out that,
i really dream a lot.
I cant deny that people don't dream,
but i really dream A LOT, a HUGE dream
of what i really desire and crave for.
It might be common for everyone,
but it is a meaningful thing personally to myself.

Most of the little things i dream when i was a child,
become so big and real when i get to grow up, like now~
i didn't aware that i am really making it real big
until when i look back of what I've done during my life
that it is so related!

As the personal thing that makes me feel meaningful is,
what my mum use to tell me about what she wanted us to be when she born us.

It's is a very heartache thing to hear about how hard
they work for living during their childhood time.
Not getting things they need their life
when it's a hard time for them.
How hard they strive to make sure
the family they are having now,
will not be the exactly how they been through
during their life of hard time.
When we compare their age and ours
in their childhood and at our time,
we are living way more 100 times better than them.

This is what makes me,
chasing so hard to make my dreams come true today.

I am in the part of
helping my parents & myself,
changing the life we want,
that we longing for our future.

It is not easy,
i know.
But when you see people around you
live in such a life that u actually wanted,
that is the time where i tell myself,
ONE DAY, i am gonna be like that.
and at that particular time,
this is the promise i made for myself,
and i shall work hard to achieve that goal...

I just really hope that
i can change it.
Sometimes i doubt,
can i make it?
I am just one little human like everyone else.
I am not a smart ass.
I still need to learn a lot before i really get to
become who i wanna be.

But i have to make up my mind,
and ensure i am always there in the right path to my dream route.
Never get navigate away from what i want,
never let anything pull me down from what i want,
never let anything lil unrelated things to affects me,
I must be tough!
I aint giving up my dream
until the day i die!
Giving up on dream means giving up on life~
i must remember this...

I felt grateful of what i have been through,
although it is just 19 years of life,
and there is more to go!
Those every little things happen or come true
in my life,
colored my road and i really appreciate it.
Because of these little things happened,
it motivates me to go on,
searching for the bigger one.

I hope everyone else
will keep on search for what they wish and fancy
them in their life.
Keep on chase the dream till the last breathe of your life,
because that's what worth to living for.

[this is one of the reason i blog,
is to make sure i remind myself of what i have written.
It is just a way to make me remind of life when i meet failures or obstacle that i cant go through,
that once i was LIKE THIS, living in the passion of dream.
I wanna be the 1st person who motivate, care, love and comfort myself,
than waiting for others come in take place.
Because you might never find one to do that for you.]

dreamie land .....

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