picture speaks =D

teddy, dragon and mie =D

the picture above was taken at independence day
it was a holiday
so my whole family 'balik ka
and my cousin brought us to waterfall

it's a very hot day
and the water flow from the fall
is cooling!
too bad waterfall photo at brother's laptop
i lazy wanna upload it
i personally love the scenery over there
and the part i lov
e the most is
their water fall area to play isn't just on one spot...

but it can be on the continues spot of the river flow...
not deep and not dangerous...
wont be pack too
water is extremely clean =D
i wanna go there again kakakaa...
maybe next time ;)

ss photo
i don't take this kinda photo..
it was my first time.. XD

just wanna say that
i am happy
coz at the moment

nothing is going wrong
and i will make sure
it last long!

no putting link on the photo
it's ugly sometimes...
picture wont be looking nice then =)

5 Scuttlebutt:

  1. you have the cutest doll ever!
    love it pretty girl!

  2. omg! cute dragonie! omg! i want one T.T
    by the way nice pictures you took ^^

  3. haha..hey guys thanks!... it wasn't mine actually..it belongs to my brother[that both doll!!]...
    it's too adorable that's why i always take picture with it..i wish to own it too =P we are all in the same category XD...

    sAB...its from hong kong...T__T

  4. LOL!!!!! Eh Ki Hiao ar? =P nice picture hehehe

  5. fai: . . . . ..... == lol thanks... too bored at that time >__<




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