what's up with me?

when things are solved...
there comes another...
repeating again and again the related matter
which makes me give up
or putting hope on it to make it better

seems like it's been part of my life now
it still affects me
no matter how many times i encounter it

i am seriously feeling exhausted
of trying to making everything turn better
thinking of the things ahead of me
which have no life guarantee
putting too much expectation and hopes
and most of them end up getting disappointment

what you want me to do?
i think i really wanna just
be a person that follow what people say
forget my hopes
forget what i wanna do
other than normal living routine lifestyle
that maybe might bring more happiness to me..
simple life are full of happy surprises
even one small lil things happen
you already felt very grateful for it...

i have no idea what
i can do now
it's a very tired thing to see things
happened again and again
who wanna play me as a puppet now?
i am willing to do so...
coz i felt there's ntg
ntg there within me anymore

what more can i say?

people might say me that
i am not a patience person
i am naive
i am not considerate
i am selfish
i am thinking just for myself
just whine whine whine
for obstacle that are facing
a problematic girl
or thinking too much

yeah...i agree with all of the above
you know what?
coz i am stucked
and i got no idea what to do
about the matter i am facing right now?
i'm like
3rd person involved
and everything they do
is related to me
i couldn't stop it
i couldn't help it
even if i do so..
it's effortless!
i've tried!!!!!

i know everyone have this kind of problem
everyone feel stressed and stucked when facing it too

just that...
i started to feel fear to live on this earth
fear of facing
peoples around me
fear of everything
because nothing seems to stay permanent in this life
everything change according to time
sometimes i felt why do i wanna purposely
work so hard
for something
and end up
get nothing....
even if u get ..
so what?
things just keep on coming
distracting ur path...

i really dont know why i got stuck in this situation
it's not me
i know...
it's so fucking annoying...

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