thanks babe

really had a great night talking
with my babe...
thanks kallyne for such a patience..

hearing me out
from the beginning till the end,
she makes my day!

there is a need for us to burst everything out

that kept for such a looooong time
in our heart..
just like what she have said
"everyone need an exit for their soul"

it helps a lot

for me to stand back stiff and tough
and continue walking in my pathway
searching for the unlocked challenge awaiting me

she helped me unlocked this problem
i am facing...
i am wasting a lot of time
stuck at this problem
it's time for me to forward my path
time is flying really fast now..
i got to chase it back!

although it's just one night talk with kallyne
but i really appreciate it
coz it's been quite a moment since the last
time of my expressing frustration & confusion
that i am facing

"friends are meant to help each other in the darkest hour"
this is what friends are for
i'll remember this

"true friendship isn't being inseparable,
it's being separated and nothing changes"
this is from facebook that i liked
that is what i am happy for my babes around me

to you my dear,
please don't keep everything to yourself also
it's a bad medicine for you to keep it
i will be always there for you
if you need any shoulder to lay on...
love you~


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