last weekend of the break...

i love the last picture's flower effect!
been spending my night doing all this things
and now the next day got so sleepy.

well, 21st and 22nd august was my last weekend
of semester break..
i have to attend my sister's graduation convo
and show up late for famine 30 camp at HICT
overall it was a really restless day
luckily manage to eat dinner
coz the whole hectic evening i am so dizzy
couldn't talk much at that time...
the convocation is really
time consuming!
because UTAR student are hell lot!

everyone family members have to wait
all the courses of each graduands go up the stage,
take certificate and stop to pose...
the convocation ends around 5
if i am not mistaken.

then the after story came..
picture time!
i have to be a photographer of the day

hope i own a DSLR camera
coz that day everyone was holding flower!
if i am using a DSLR camera,
the picture would look more more nicer~!!
but still happy to get pictures for my sister~
guess what sister got 4 bouquet of flower...
not to mention 1 lil teddy from her friend...
have to take flower for her

later on, whole family went to sunway pyramid
for dinner.
i dont remember which restaurant we went
but could not eat much food
since been starving for almost half of the day...

and the sales is on!
i saw few new shop opened
their clothes are so pretty
since we put two car out.
mum and sis went for shopping
while bro drive dad and me back,since i need to rush for famine camp!
elaine need my sleeping bag by the time 10:30pm!
went back home
and bath...ooOOooO it was so relieving in that shower
it was a really hot day outside...

Really thanks my brother fetching me to college

at that time and accompany me go up.
when i reach to the auditorium hall,
everyone is ready to dismiss and take rest
i missed out the night show
so i went to brush my teeth and go for movie in the hall
sleeping is worst
it was freezing cold...
i can't get to sleep the whole night.
it was so noisy that there is people open and close the room door
all the time!

i guess everyone have body ache after that night.
the next morning, we dance waka waka for warming up session
and get into groups
went to auditorium to hear some speech
and we took quite a lot of picture there
by the way,
i love group 7
glad that still can get to mingle with them although i am hell so late!

PROCEED to the bukit jalil part...
at first it was quite high...
but later on everyone got bored and tired
i slept ==
and even DREAM!
but just for moment...
hmmmp... bukit jalil famine 30
i dont really have a memory in my mind what was going on
since i was quite blur at that time
so forget it..
time to go back was cool
why so cool~?
i slept in bus...that was really cool for me
[lame...i know LOL]
went back home still got stuff to do
house chores!

the next day will be my 2nd year 2nd semester
i am very glad i enjoyed my 2 weeks break
i hope in this semester...
i really learn new things there
i wanna be grateful of what i am having right now
i will try my best .. my very best to be the best of me..

can i?
i'm tired


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