color bring happiness to me =)

recently i'm still stucked in 'happy' mode
after purchase some 'colored stuff'
i love colorful thing

well, i flashed back on the days i have been in this year
and i figured out,
i went a lot of place that i didn't really aware i am
going to, in this year...
i guess i really keep on going out these days,
no wonder my money is getting near to 0$ haha

even if it is nothing to do with travel or shops,
i still will find things to occupy my leisure.
coz i hate to be in that kinda feelings

of doing nothing.

>__< anyway,
let's dump that topic above aside
coz i found a website i wanna share about.
It isn't about the website actually,
it's teaching you
10 ways to wear a wired headband!

[from the above picture]
this is why we have wired headband everywhere on the street
after marc jacob's inspired people
to wear it

i bought my wired headband last 2 months
if not mistaken
and i only wear it if i have a bad hair day.
since my head is kinda small...
it sometimes will be quite loose and fall off
if i didn't wired it well...

here is the page
[sorry i lazy to post the whole thing here >_<]

i am still looking for pink and white wired headband...
i couldn't find it =(
and my house didn't have any cloth that i can DIY it

i guess that's all for today..
enjoy ur weekend peeps


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