i realize that i was not the last time of me anymore.
i could not bear more things to trouble me at the same time.
what should i do?
i have been trying to face it all at once.
i can do it last time.
bear with the problem.

right now,
i can't.
these stresses will screw up my everything.
i need to focus on my study.
i am afraid to say that i fear of loosing my passion on study.
that it is my only hope to survive in this world right now.
i got nothing.
i just got this 4 years to study,
that brings me a better future. 

but why it seems not working?
4 years of study is not the only thing i should concern.
why can't i be like everyone else?
doing something they really like?
i can see things happening, opportunity that is gonna work...
i am just lack of some sort of capabilities in the situation,
that makes me couldn't move forward.

it sucks.
i can see i am screwing up myself right now.

i think i really need somebody, 
my girlfriends,
to seriously talk to me,
teach me... guide me.
so that i won't keep on stay in this fall...
i wanna rise up back!
but i just can't make it this time!!!
w h y ?

i really hope that,
this quote can't works on me right now.
i understand it
but i can't apply it.
that's the problem.

i need somebody to help me,
cool down,
let go something that is unnecessary.
help me take a step back to look at bigger picture of life
c l e a r l y 

i need people, 
to brainwash me that,
there is still hope!
somewhere in front,
that i should not give up right now!!!

i need somebody,
to show me that,
i should be remind of this,
that there are people living worse than me.
that i would not wish to be in their state,
that i would be happier with what i am having right now.

i am hoping and wishing that,
i am making this mistake right now,
for the sake of the better tomorrow and future. 
i know, 
mistake is part of our life where we gonna learn from our experience,
but at this mean time,
i really wish that,
it happen for a reason
a true reason for the problem i wanna solve right now.

i hope i did make a good reason to go,
to take an extremely different direction of life.

i wish one day in my life
that after i have go through every challenge that give me hard impacts,
will make me to have this choices in my life.
that i am stable enough to make a fast and clarify reason and choices 
whenever any problem meets me,
rather than dragging the time,
 being in confusing situation,
suffers the process
of making 
c h o i c e s

that is what i need the most.
i am waiting 
to meet wisdom peoples
who can
slap me
to wake me up.

telling me all sort of things related to what i am mentioned up there.
it used to works when i am telling myself these things,
but it no longer works right now.
i need some changes.
i need other people's help.

a n y o n e 
w i l l i n g
t o 
 h e l p

dreamie land ....

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