.it's time to rest!.

Ohhh yeahhhhhh =)
It's semester break!!!
Looking forward this break almost everyday when I am studying!
Though it's only 3 weeks but am happy!
This is the most hectic semester I have ever been.
Hopefully next semester would not end up like this anymore.
*finger crossed*

looking back to the starting point of year 2012,
I really love how 21st year of my life gave me...
I learnt lot of things,
as well to adapt to lot of situation,
as well there is a lot of happy and unhappiness happened 
around me for this little 3 and half months of 2012.

For the little unhappiness of this three months,
I just know that,
everyone is just trying to live their life, striving to their ideal future and dreams. 
Nobody knows why we meet back then...
and that is the chance we learn from each other.
People's personality does not 100% match that is why there is complication going around.
But to me, 
I learn to learn people around me as who they are
by what I perceive,
rumors are always there,
people may say you or me or anyone behind,
but in whatever freaking stuff they said,
I will just listen, 
because rumors is words not action.
Rumors does not meant anything unless we have seen it,
judging them from the purpose of why the person is doing so!
That is what I feel and perceive so no offence to any other different view.
I've learn to let go about these little tiny bit hassle if it happens to me..
still learning though actually =)

Semester break is on now!!!
Am going to Langkawi beach to catch some sun and waves
The only way to relax is to go beaches babeyy!!!
Seriously can't wait...
really hope it will end up a happy one.

I actually bought this book
it may look like wasting but the content worth the price!
It guide us to learn how to take care hand and feet from inside and outside,
types of nails and skin,
basic way to care our hands and feet,
it even have workouts for it too!
And lots more!
Sounds worth right peeps?!
I actually get the book after one week consideration I have made haha.
and I love it =)

Not to forget,
I've made a to do list for myself this semester break 
to compensate back my unhealthy lifestyle for Jan semester of study...
Gonna get back my healthy lifestyle back
 healthy diet and workouts too!
Sounds exciting to me...
I got to take rest now.. it's 3.55am omg..
This is totally not healthy >~<
Night peeps

dreamie land ....

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