.i need it.

Sometimes I just need more guts
more confidence for everything I am engaging with.
It seems like everything is so hard to get along.
What's wrong,
I wonder.

I need someone who can understand me
without me to explain much.
I need someone who can motivates me
in everything I am doing,
instead of giving negatives comment
or making it worse.

I care on how those close people being with me 
on their response towards me especially when I need them there.
Just like any other people,
this is what makes an essential partners 
for friends, family and significant other.

Am I demanding a lot here?
I am pouring out my feelings here 
because my mood is quite down.
Other than close girlfriends,
There is no one else can just sit there and listen,
and really being supportive.
I love you guys.
I sincerely being grateful to have you guys by my side.
It is hard to get someone who just accept you the way you are.
For the reason that you are being you.

They rarely did this
though it happens,
but it was for the goods.

They make me need nobody else.
Was it a good thing or the opposite?

dreamie land ....

1 Scuttlebutt:

  1. Just be urself....
    live the way u want...
    do the things you think is correct..




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