.curious enough.

hello peeps..
I am back...

Is this a good question to ask on myself?
It always takes the right guy to let a girl know how beautiful she is...
How a girl behave as who she is in person, 
is depend with people she is being with,
same goes to a boy.
I am always curious,
you know,
when one person gets another half in their life,
will their life be better than when they are alone?
I wanna know...
Because I still enjoy being who I am alone..
I can be who I am better than with anyone with me...
I feel just the same as me, 
I felt it is better to be myself, just me alone.

Will both be together to bring out the best of both person?
Is the other half is the only one and the first who knows everything about you 
before any other people when things happened on you?
Is the other half is the best comforter you can ever find among people you know right now?
Is the other half is the best talking machine to you for 24/7 
like my any other friends with their partner?
When I need help, is partner always the best people to be most helpful to you?
When you are down, it has to be partner's as the first to take priority to concern on you or anyone can be in that place?
Will you be always somebody's first choice?
Will you feel being an important role of who you are when being with your partner?
Will they love being with who you are?
Will you be judge like any other people at outside doing to you?
Why am I asking myself these? 

I hate these question alot sometimes...
They are annoying!!!
Hakuna Matata...
Night peeps.

dreamie land ....

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