.those lovely angels in our heart.

Who will be there to held my hand when I need it the most? 

 The only people who really care, 
 not being just curious about my life events.
a.k.a 'kepo'
But just being there for me..
listening my grandma stories.

I want to say thank you to those that when I being around with
making me feels relax and I can talk, walk and behave whatever I want...
This is what acceptance is when friends do not judge on us
especially when we did something wrong or do embarrassing things,
instead of scolding you,
these people will laugh with you and take these issue easily.
They will not put it in their heart of things you did that are wrong.
Forgive & forget

i love you guys!

i'm happy to know you all in my life!

dreamie land ....


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