2010 is here

enjoy my last day of 18 years old at 2009
at somewhere near highway
to watch fireworks from I CITY
actually the main road to I CITY already been blocked
and other minor road to it was jammed like hell
so went to a park to watch it
nice fireworks

didn't plan to countdown for it
since i'm tired after work
but after fetch by family they told me going to I CITY
i was like...
so just get to c how year 2009 end :(

the next day work
very tired
already been working full shift since few days ago

this year resolution is not MUCH as last year
and of coz wont be listing it out here
just very few
and simple things
that are tough to be achieve

as what i put on my FB status
new year....new journey...new challenge...new experience...new problem to face...new things to worry... lol ~

this one
is just so real
but hope my 19 years old year for year 2010
will be
an eye opener for a good things to happen
that will make me feel
worth to live

thx for ppl who wish me new year wishes
sorry for some which i didn't reply coz my mobile having some prob
and at the same time the line is packed with traffic XD

another things is so sorry to my dear frenz that cant join u all at centro
miss u all ~

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