i hate to be mad seriously... but why people just love to make you mad?

i don't think so anyone
would like to be waken up
by noise of people who open your door room
and walk in and out of your room,

the worse is
while it isn't your time to wake up,
you are being ordered
to do such and such a thing
else you will not get to do this and that...

i think it is rude to interrupt people.
If it's important or my fault of not doing such a thing
in the pass few days
then of cause it is acceptable.
But it isn't!

i hate it when people ruined up my day
in the MORNING!
why on earth you wanna screw people up
when they have not even wake up yet...
for that day?!

do you like that if i do that to you?

I'm so mad right now!

this aint a dreamie land!

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