a new start, a new beginning . . .

the first thoughts came in my mind
another new year is coming,
just let it come~

i got no good nor bad feeling about it.

Just that i concern more on my age.
Feelings of time to get my real future plan to work out

seems to be bothering me...

but not much things i can do right now~
since my condition is kind of helpless
in working out what i want...
i guess i dream way too big perhaps.
Let me plan to start with little ones

Celebrated my new year eve with bunch of high school friends,
just love that night,
we are having good talks at a cafe.
Until came to midnight where non of us realize
it's the end for 2010.

I just love the moments when the fireworks are lit up
i love the feelings

i cherished the moment when i stood there watching it~
& that is the moment where i felt,
maybe 2011 is a 'something' year to me
than a 'nothing' one
hopes are brighten!

Another thing that gave me a good start in new year was

i won a lucky giveaway from a blog that is
Hope In A Blog
i gonna post about this next time...
and al
l i can say is,
it makes me feel so lucky.
I had never feel such a lucky feelings for such a long time,
almost for the whole 2010 year~

although the roller coaster rides in 2010
really makes me feel
owh~ that how life goes...
but i appreciate i have been through it.
Without these experience..

i'll never be the one i am today.

So what can i say?
2011 just gave me a feelings of great begin
the start of my 20 years of life!

my new semester has started!

what i can say is
all my classes seems like quite interesting
Hope i don't screw up this semester!
also, my college changed it's name no longer called
[HELP International College of Technology]

Help CAT
[HELP College of Arts & Technology]

please please please give me a something this semester
*fingers crossed*


dreamie land .....

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