❤ luvs is back =)

hi peeps ,
i'm sorry for dumping my blog for months~
the moment after my Finals end at month of April,
i didn't get the chance to rest till my new semester starts at new campus!
& i kept myself busy with lot of activities until i have to stop at June
coz lots of assignment and test coming in!

Next month will be a slightly less hectic than this month after the 1st week pass
i can't wait seriously,
coz there are many things being delayed 
and i hate it!
i have to break promises to many people
i felt bad .. really bad for breaking promises =(
i'm really sorry!

during this two months of may and june,
lot of things happen and change
(as always =.= haha)
and the worse is, 
college computer are all infected by virus,
thumb drive files can't be open!
lost all my documents.
now my brother laptop are infected.
Although i help scan all the thingy,
but it end up dead last night.
i got no comment =/

and another thing to announce
dear gf~
i'm gonna stay at KL next month
so it's kind of tough for u guys to see me around the weekdays.

Hopefully things will get smoother when July approach,
when we grow up,
thing tends to become more difficult to cope with.
that's what i think,
it may differ throughout individual. 
i guess it been a very challenging month to most of my college friends.
Keep it up guys.
must remember that u are the best!
because all this while u guys strive through almost everything
no matter good or bad!
so just keep up the pace and good luck~

nothing much to say...
i'll try to update my blog as usual like how i did last time,
pinkie promise 
i'll try my best 

dreamie land ....

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