sometimes i just feel so.

i just feel unhappy.

I wish i can tell people
i am
and meant it.
But these feelings can't be express
in words.

I just feel very

It just sucks.

It's like nobody will fucking understands you
There is nobody you can be with.

It's not that you want to get attention from people
or so called
[lack of attention],
but it just a feeling you can't deny of,
 coming from within you.

A lot!
It came from everywhere!
Every single little tiny bits of thing
that doesn't work out just
make you feel so
disappointed .
When it all sum up,
there  comes this feeling of
being emo & unhappy.


It always lead to the moment where i will questions myself
"am i not good enough to be a human?"
"my attitude sucks?"
"i talk too much?"
"why am i so stupid to care so much about little thingy?"
"i do not deserve to be happy?"
"why do little things i do just don't work out? damn~! i really sucks at my own life!"
"i am just so sucky at everything. FML!"

It okay for me to face failures,
but not that much at one moment,
it's hard for me to go through all
and eat it all up.
It's just too bitter...

ain't my land

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  1. eh don't so sad la.. ur big bro here for u :)

    btw i've reactivate my blog!! woohoo come drop by when u're free ;)




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