Judge me?

I think i just learn and realize the feeling of being judge by people,
being judge in a pessimistic way.
I'm not a person good with words through mouth.
I may be good with jokes and laughs
but when it comes to feelings,
i tend to keep it to myself.
Because i don't know how to express it.

No matter how good or bad you are,
what you do,
how well you dress,
the way you talk and walk,
people will judge you!
Now i know how to apply this line in my life.

I know it is tough to not bother about people
who judge you.
Especially those who really be around you.
 I'm just trying to be me.
Being me, do not need your permission.
Being me, is not paid by you.
I rather want to talk to anyone in person,
face to face who felt they wanna judge me, 
than telling me from their action.

 i don't even know how to blog this post.
But i just feel like posting it up.
It's my blog anyway...
that's me.

I kept the photo above in my image collection for quite some time already.
Whenever i look into this picture.
I saw 'me','myself', and 'i'
as the one
who always can make the choice of impressing myself.
And i am spending my time
impressing myself
in my life.
I am the one who knows the feelings and needs i really want.
I'm happy to be the lucky one, 
knowing what i really want before others
People may say i am silly telling this to myself 
because who on this earth who don't know what they want and need.
But do you know that,
there are people who don't even know who they really are!
And every person will meet situation of not knowing what they want or who they want to be.
Include me!
I am grateful that i'm still conscious of myself right now.
Yet to loose myself to this insane world.

dreamie land ....

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