Because you don't know me.

I don't mind you to judge me on whatever view you want to,
because everyone do judge on almost everything they see in their sight.

i do care,
that you don't even see the whole picture
and you judge it
through what u ask, hear, and see through people,
and your own perspective
and never
understand through my shoe.

and sometimes,
i don't even feel like telling to the whole world
because who will care?
nobody will...
they eventually will forget 
what is happening to you after time goes by.
And if i tell it to you,
will you stop judging?
i bet you won't.

There is a lot of things happen
and the way i face it is different from you.
You can't compare the way you solve your problem with mine.
I have my own capability and potential to do it this way
but i can't do it your way because i just can't!

Not everything 
works your way.
Even if it works your way,
it won't suit me at all.
Will you consider how others feel
if work it your way?
Do you ask it before you do it?
I don't mind listening to your opinion 
but you don't insist on your opinion that must be that way.
I do listen and i will consider,
but when i can see it not worth a try
then thank you for offering
but not viewing me as if i am idiotic
not do it your way.

I know 
you take care of your friends well,
i know you didn't mean to hurt other people.
But the way you express it out 
do hurt me.
You know why this small stuff you do 
will lead me to express it here?
Because the little words you've said
mean a lot to me.
It do not only reflects me on what you said on that particular problem
but it hurt me that
because there is a lot of things to consider 
before you can use that line on me.

After all,
what i can say is
you don't know me well,
you don't even know what really happens on me
and why i solve problem in that way.
I'm not a person good in expressing things to people around me
and not even my gf sometimes get to see the clear picture 
of what really going on with me.
because i just don't know how to.
Only certain time 
i get to clearly tell what is going on. 
If you get to see me telling you in this way 
means you ask me at the right time dude.

there is things you listen 
and can 'judge'
positively even it is negative.
And there is another option,
that is to just being a listener
and make no judging 
at all!
It do not only helps the other side feel better,
but as well to yourself.
After all,
things have already happened and pass.
Why you always want to talk and rewind stuff about the past?

Looking at people happy brightens up my day
and making my life easier as well.
So why don't you consider using this line in your life.
And remember,
I did not force you to use it,
just offering you a way of life.

dreamie land ....

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