to move forward....

Sometimes i just don't wanna care so much... 
There is so many things out there,
that it works so unfairly on you.
There is time you felt you need to fight back for the right.
But sometimes there is  things that you can just leave it to be in that state.
Because there is no point doing so,
for getting back what is right
that doesn't even worth for doing it.

Life doesn't come with instruction.
Nobody knows what they do is right or wrong.
All i can do 
and for the most i can do
to be who i am is
if it does not worth fighting back,
i just won't give a damn about it.

Being overly care on some small issue
is actually covering the path you are actually taking.
That is why sometimes,
it's better just to let it off by your sight
and just keep walking
and moving forward.

dreamie land ....

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