Look! Even this kitty cant stand it...
*kitty with that face*
This post might be content insulting texts.
Do note that I am not specifying anyone,
you can leave if you think it hurts your egoism.

 This is what I observed happened around me.
I don't know whether other friends who is reading this
will encounter this situation,
but it happens almost all the time or daily to me!
The thing is I kinda get annoyed by people who ask silly or random question
which the question can't be answer or
the answer is already obviously known..
Sometimes I thought maybe they wanna search for confirmation
and that is fine to me.
Or maybe they want to have fun creating jokes
and that is fine as well
But it just doesn't stop coming...
and the best part of it is the jokes doesn't seems like a jokes
and tooooooo lame to be response.
Most of the time i will end up with that kitty face expression and laugh
I will end up with that face and just walk off
*oh crap! that sucks*
I know I shouldn't do it
but I just cant stand it anymore
Be a man!
Stop talking like a kid!

I response to it because I don't want to look rude.
But it annoys me that I response in such a way
people observe me as I was insulting them or
was having fun replying their silly question
so end up
I am the one who is silly!

You wanna know how lame it is?
here it is,
-It is lunch time and I wanna order foods.
So I walk off from the table we sat and heading to stall-
Silly: Hey, ordering food huh?
Me: yea... (wondering if you need any help)
Me: (why you ask me this?! blur~)

we walk together to have lunch with friends
and the motive to achieve is
I did try to ask the reason behind every of this silly conversation,
-continued version-
Me: Why? Anything?

And believe me it always end up with no reason
by stating 'they are just asking'

I am tired of responding to this particular behavior
I just don't know how to respond anymore
I'm sorry to those peeps that this thing hits in my head and stucked.
That's why I am expressing it out here!
To me,
these people are a 'reminder'
they will remind you every single thing you are doing.
I have no idea
whether they talk because they want to know
talk for the sake of talking.


The thing I want you guys to be clear that
I am not saying I hate them or they have problems,
these people some is nice people.
It is just that they got hooked
with this kind of thingy.
Other than that,
they are mentally and physically healthy.
I didn't really dig into that,
so just leave that.

I bet everyone will do this thing in their life
include me!
But the situation I am explaining
is way over too over that it's like
they inherited it and use it
almost everywhere, anywhere and anytime!
*I can give a grammy award for that*

dreamie land ....

2 Scuttlebutt:

  1. I suppose we dun come up with such situations all the time but chill yumiko...

    Try not to dwell in it too much and I can promise u that u will be fine... *hugs*

    I tried it and it work fine for me and some other friends with whom I shared it with... Give it a try! *wink*




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