...a short note to myself...


Sorry to say that
sometimes I'm tired of being happy...
Laughing and smiling all day long
enjoy being alone
doing what i love to do.
It's true that i do really enjoy it
and not faking it.
But somehow,
my jaws is telling me it needs a break
and my mouth tells me that it's tired.
While my heart is telling me
is ok not to be happy all the times but not often.
My brain is telling me
I'm tired of processing thoughts related
to happiness.
As well,
my feelings is expressing that
I'm so sick of this mode all the time.
I'm just tired of entertaining myself all the time.
Guess i need to take a break from it.

So dear,
Forgive me if i am down for that few moments
but I'm alright..
But do remember,
that you have done a good job
of pampering yourself.

I think need drugs with the label of
'happy pills'
whenever my screw loose in my brain.
[like right now]
like this...

dreamie land ....

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