.close to the end.

It is close to end of December 2011.
Rewinding all the things I have go through this year really gave me a lot of good memories.
I've gone through a quite balanced 2011 year.
Balanced in the sense that there is equal good and hard times.
Since it's my semester break,
and it was the first long term break I am not finding any job,
I have plenty of time to catch up what I am up to all this while in this year!

I've learn lot of things in this year.
Especially doing things I've never did before like,
earning four digits in a week
being a model
getting my licensed 
baking a proper cakes with cream topping
learn to swim
play paintball
spending money like crazy on brands 
becoming movie freak
becoming a zoo volunteer
getting in some places as illegally underage
doing all sort of crazy stuff with friends!!!
(too much to mention >~<)

In this year,
 had friends in secondary mates who leave their life at young.
That is quite a shock to most of us because there is few of them pass away this year.
As well, happens to see how friends came in and leave my life
knowing lot of new friends.

You know what,
I don't feel like continue-ing these list
on what happen in my 2011 year,
cause it's really long.

this is the year where I really enjoy what I am going through
before my 21st birthday hits in less than one and half months.
Some of my resolution list did workouts
I've gain at least confidence and courage,
getting to make more sense on thinking when making decision,
making the impossible to possible
the best sum of these are the getting to know myself more and more.

I am really glad to meet all the obstacle
and happy things that makes my year colorful and wonderful.

dreamie land ....

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