.you make me feel stupid.

Maybe people around me may think that not being at that place for that moment when everyone is there is disrespectful, but when time is not allowed, what can i do? 
I treasured you guys well, 
but seems like when a person do not conform to what most people doing sounds so wrong. 
Sorry for being such a heartless person.. I am not that perfect anyway~

But i really glad that i knew you guys
You guys brought me experience that i can't gain anywhere else

Words that one person speaks about another person when that particular person
 are not around at that moment mostly brings the truth from the heart. 
That's where we can observe one person's sincerity
by the way they express it.
But when compare it with the way they speak when that person are around
and if you see a differences from when they are not around.
You know where you stand.

I felt silly cause i trusted you guys that mentality is mature
I felt bad saying it this way 
because you all know i mean it that other way round is the truth.
But i can't find any other words to express this line!
I don't know if anyone of you read this will felt hurt 
coz you may think i am talking about you
well, you don't have to.
I don't bite.
Trust me.

If you are so good with yourself then go on with it and
 i don't think my post today here will insult you anyway.
I'm not that good either to feel that i can compare anything with you 
coz i believe each person is unique and there should not be competitive comparison to happen.

Let's go on with our own life.
I don't know what is so fun with making other people doing things you think
we all should be doing no matter what happens
without considering what minority feels.
Well maybe because of that 'minority' i am in that's what make all this hassle happens in my blog.
Right now.
I'm so not into majority type of person from what they see i am, i guess.

this is just an expressing post.
You may say i have no guts facing you to tell you all this stuff.
But i don't find a point doing it to you
coz that won't stop you from doing so.
But this is just an 'in case you read my blog' 
*i don't think so any of you will know about my blog*
*if that would happen, then i 'know'*
To let you know this is my place
and this is the way i express.
Everything was express and dump here.
How you wanna take it,
it's your choice.
It sounds angry when people reads it.
But i don't feel that way.
I'm not angry.

I 'talk' too much here.
Got to stop now
 I got to go on with my life now...

God bless you and me.

dreamie land ....

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