I am surrounded by negativity.
I realize that it wasn't just negativity itself,
it is that I've reached my breaking point.
I never sleep on time,
I loose myself when I am alone,
sleep became more and more restless,
taking things too hard,
feeling so much dose of negativity that it drowned me.
Tired of things around me I guess.
That's one of the reason I am back to blogging too.
Good or Bad?
I came back to myself where a year ago,
I would often spend time doing.
Craving things that I used to do.
Chasing things that I wish I have done by those time that passed.
Since tomorrow is always a mystery,
I should let thing pass easily especially 
the worries of the uncertainty that will arrive by then.
But there is one thing I fear,
when I let thing pass easily out of my sight,
the priority become lesser of cause,
I may not look back to it that much,
I will loose interest.

Why do I even bother posting this stupid post?!


.... dreamie land ....

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