.little happiness.

Happiness is one of the most important essence in my entire life...
Yeah.. not just to me, but to every other human being living on this earth too..
Who loves to feel the opposite?
I bet there will be no one is willing to be on the sad, sorrow, unhappy side.
I just hate it when I loose myself in 

In life,
I've learnt that being happy 
have the right way of doing it too.
That is what i labelled as being 
'genuinely happy'

it is so easy to loose ourselves in the insanity of this world.
All the hassle, stereotype, society's expectation, cultural norms, 
female and male's expectation or even society's hierarchic
brings us to such a difficult decision to make in our life
when choosing to be just who we wants to be. 
All these factors,
suppresses us.

Being genuinely happy does not need to harm anyone,
being happy is just you,
who wish to see yourself and people around you to improve
and gain what they wishes to.

I do tell myself,
when words utter by me is somewhat negative,
are the someone I am pointing at facing difficulties in life too?
At those states of difficulties,
how nice when someone is there for us,
showers all the motivation and positive aura to us.
My mum use to tell me,
are always ups and down,
the best are yet to come,
so never takes pride of anything in life.
Appreciate & respect
people and things around us.

There are so many struggles out there waiting each of us.
I just really hope that me, and everyone else
able to cope and overcome it.
I am feeling each stages of happiness seems very different.
It varies so much that sometimes I wish to go back when I was just young
just like how anyone else wish to do.

Just wanted to remind myself to keep balancing my life.
To not overdo anything that we may forget about balancing other parts of life.
Never work too hard,
never play too much,
and so much more to remind myself.
I should say 
when we play, we must work too
so to giving, receiving and forgiving.
I hope this will leads me to happiness for most of the time.

.... dreamie land ....

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