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After I have dump my laptop at the end of my
DE (distance e-learning) subject December 2012.
I never look into my laptop again unless there is assignment,
movie to watch, or youtube.
I have found something very useful.
I think everyone should make use of it,
especially if you are person that want an ease 
of getting document from both phone, laptop or tablet.
today this post is all about synchronize apps for both gadget.
So both gadget will be having the same document you need.
In case of forget to bring out laptop,
you have tablet or phone on your hand!
It really saves those time when you are in urgent. 
personally using android phone I guess there is no issue of getting things done.
But somehow I have friends who have apple products 
who wish to upload document or photos to laptop which are different brand.
I would definitely suggest this way of synchronizing through internet. 

It is Dropbox!
Dropbox is an apps that allows us to upload photos, documents and video.
To me, it is a backup storage in case my phone suddenly dies off.
Whenever I take pictures,
the photo captured will be automatic uploaded to Dropbox
when there is an internet connection.
You can choose which folder you wish it will be auto upload.
Or you can do it manually if you want!
The best part I love about Dropbox is,
I download Dropbox apps in my laptop so it ease and save my time
from uploading photos from phone to laptop.
Synchronize it!
I love it when I delete the photo I wish in Dropbox in any gadget,
the other gadget would do the same.
I was stupid enough to think that it wouldn't.

Evernote is just like ordinary apps we can jot down notes,
I like how the apps features looks like and its function.
We can tag the notes we made so it is easier to search if we have millions of notes.
the only problem I am having is,
it is easier to made a note from laptop
as we can choose fonts size, type of fonts and color,
just that in phone,
it is just simple features of typing of notes we need jot down
without those function. 
If you are using laptop,
Do download Evernote - Web Clipper.
This apps helps a lot to students like me to copy information from websites
and auto paste in the notes
or help me save an article.
You just need to highlight can click on the Evernote button 
that displayed at the side, top of your browser.

I was searching for one more features that I wish Evernote would have add on.
I guess I need to purchase an upgrade if I want it.
I need a reminder!!!
A reminder for my note.
My note is super long & I need a reminder from my phone.
Just buzz me at the date I want it to be done.
That's all!
I can't search any other apps too...

Mighty Text.
There you go it is explain on the image above.
Do you feel silly?
I do feel at the beginning until I realize how useful it is.
I am those kind of person that will put my phone away
in my home while using laptop at elsewhere.
I will missed a lot of calls from people
or even message.
Using this apps,
I get to receive messages and calls from laptop!!!
How cool huh...
I get to see who is calling me so it get me out of my seat to grab my phone.
The best is
lazy people like me,
I get to send sms-es using laptop from this apps.
lazy enough.
I saw the features written in Mighty Text that I love too.
If ever we forget to bring phone out,
there you go,
your laptop can save you from all the trouble.
this apps only apply to calls and message.
Messages means typical message we use from your telco company.
Aint those whatssap, line, viber and etc.

Well if any of you have a better recommendation on apps you think it is useful,
do tell me because I am those lazy person who need all this thing.
Laptop and phones are important stuff to me.
I can die without it.

.... dreamie land ....

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