.Internet in Malaysia, dramatic.

In Malaysia,
other than politic and race/skin color issue,
I'm not sure if speaking of internet is a sensitive topic here. 
Well I'm gonna say it anyway because I think this is really ridiculous.

If you are a Malaysian citizen,
I bet most of you and me, so us,
have use the internet,
even for the rural poor area,
some kids might have access to internet in school or maybe cyber cafe.
we as Malaysian will always experience 
the never ending drama issue of the internet speed.
And it's true,
Mr. Internet will haunt you down.
Oh yeah,
unless you staying at Putrajaya or Cyberjaya area,
the internet download speed will be super fast
you wish you never wanna go out from that area anymore.
Like building a camp just for the sake of the internet.

Back to issue I have faced all this while,
other than my brother,
there are no one else would care about the internet connection in my house.
so our Malaysia internet are most commonly well-known from the TMNET,
that is under government maintenance company.

like most people the most common use internet known as Streamyx.

(unless you are using some different telco companies internet)
The connection,
is terrible.
Yes! It is!
In my experience,
Streamyx connection is very unstable,
it disconnect few times daily,
the worst is few times an hour.
Imagine you are trying to do assignment,
searching articles and journals from a database
which required a stable connection...
all your search result just lost when the page loads too long.
Worse of all,
I faced disconnection of internet for few days,
which I have monthly date over the phone with the Streamyx service center.
*thumbs up*
If I am lucky,
I can just bear with the disconnection that happens daily
just daily, not for days.

I'm here to say that,

this is my experience,
other users experience differently.
Unlucky me of Streamyx users.


then I got so fed up with going out to Starbucks or some other cafe to get internet.
Oh yeah, and the connection in the cafe,
doesn't ease any of my moment using internet too.
Sometimes when the cafe is full with customers
like even in weekdays afternoon,
the line still suck.
You would wished that you have own an internet company
which probably you get the VIP coverage all the time
and laughing at other people that trying to find a good coverage and internet subscriber company.


I get to discuss with my daddy.
We upgraded to Unifi internet.

It was pretty fast you know!
At least not that FAST,
it's more to less disconnection that happens as frequent as Streamyx.
But there is issue with the page loads which takes forever,
end up the page itself could not be open.
I got to refresh and refresh till it gets to the page.
Called the service center, did not help.
Technician came to my house,
unable to solve the problem.
I was lucky that there are friends who are seriously tech geek.
They help me through it,
ask me to change the setting..and..
it's perfectly fine now.


or that happened two weeks ago.
My neighbour, applied for Unifi.
The technician came to help them with applying all the wiring.
How I know?
It is because most of the houses wire for Unifi
are connected to the Unifi main modem at a pole nearby our house.
That is situated just right behind the window of my room!!!
You know face to face kind of thing?
That is how me and main modem look at each other.
We even have secret date sometimes when the internet doesn't work and he'll be my listener.
*yeah right*
the technician was doing his job with all the ladder noises,
while I am surfing the web in my room.
After a while, 
my connection gone... like just, gone.
All the webpage is showing DNS issue.
I was in the midway of doing my assignment!

So I look out the window,
and saw the technician started to screw and close the main modem,
climb down and carry the ladder away!!!
Luckily he wasn't done yet,
I told him my issue that my connection gone after the moment he do his stuff with the main modem.
He told me,
"yeah... the main modem already have issue with connection, please go and call for report"
I said,
"No, what i mean was, I am using the internet just now, it was alright until
the moment you finished doing the wiring and my connection lost, what should I do?"
"yeah... correct, it's the main modem issue, your neighbour is experiencing it too.
You just need to call for report, like how your neighbour did"
I repeated my last question,
"Yeah I know, but the thing is after you touch it, I lost my connection,
there's nothing wrong with my connection at the beginning!"
but with extra information,
"this main modem reported has 10 units of cable for 10 houses,
but when we check, 
it only has 8"

that's the main problem la,
why ask me report!!!
He should report!!!
Since he is not helping much after my 3rd attempt of asking help,
I suspected he pluck of my cable to install my neighbours because his job is to finish up the task
for that day.
I called the Unifi service center but no one picks up for 2 days
because Unifi service center will close down for a week.
So I called different department to get help.
Thank god this guy is very helpful.
I told him my situation,
he help me check the lights on my home Unifi modem
and he confirms me it is the fiber optic that connect to main modem issue.
Technician came to my house and what I suspected was right.
He took of my Unifi fiber optic wire to give to my neighbour!!!!

What my technician do?
He did the same,
He have to pluck of another neighbours' and put mine in.
Last week,
I saw a technician came, and did the same.
But i was well informed from the technician who came to my house,
that he will report about this issue and I will have no worries of it.
Unless some technician came and pluck of mine for other houses.

Should I make a complain on this issue?
I do not wish to see another victim again,
or another house trying to apply for unifi internet, got conned
that there is not enough space for new users.
I guess if I see any coming up issue on this.
I am gonna get really really mad.
I hope it wouldn't happen and I can save my saliva repeating the whole issue.

.... dreamie land ....

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