.boost your Window 7 speed.

I always look after IT geeks to solve my laptop's issue.
I bet they somehow felt annoyed of how stupid I am,
every time looking after them for such a small issue.

I would like to thanks Mr. Cody all this while helping me to solve my PC issue.
My savior aahhh...
I will give you a virtual hugs here

My this very laptop I ever bought for myself during college
is sometimes very troublesome,
for no reasons it slows down performance where i realize the backup system,
are really full!
My storage are so less,
and one day my laptop hard disk eventually dies.
I used this for only 2 years plus just for my assignment purpose =(
It gave no warnings and just passed out one week after my last use.

I lost all my photos because i trusted so much on its performance.
Now I need $ to get an external hard disk.
I'm so broke owh gawd I hope I will be able to get a second job!

back to the main points here,
I have found this awesome simple webpage to boost PC performance.
I get to know from my bf that he will download certain software to reduce unnecessary system and software usage every time an user start up their PC.

I felt that it may not be that efficient since you are adding another software in your system to control your overall system.
Why not manually change your PC setting and at the same time download such a software,
I think it helps better.
Well, I do not know the which software to download so I have just change it manually.

Where do I refer on changing of settings?

One thing I still need more understanding is,
which software is essential in my laptop
Too much internal software/system I bet they are useless.
I don't dare to get rid of them since do not know their utilization.

Taking my baby steps all this while to learn myself.
God bless me remembering all the things I am trying to learn haha.


dreamie land ....

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