.I need to keep remind myself of love.

Dear Wai Mun,
please remember to love yourself,
regardless of how tough you are working for your life and future,
stops for a moment,
spend some time for what you really enjoy doing,
you'll find your soul and self from there.

Take a rest when you feel everything tires you.
Forget of people you care when you can't even lift yourself up.
It is not even forever right?
Furthermore, forever doesn't even exist.

Learn to let go when it suppose to go,
if it is yours, it will always come back to you,
what is not belongs to you, will one day leave.
Never feel sad to feel hurt,
because of hurt, it will prevails you to learn the truth.

What else bothering you my dear?
Why are you so afraid of days that are yet to come?!

I think it is time for you to set aside everything and everyone,
time for little talk with your soul and mind.

dreamie land ....

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Hello readers, passer-by, strangers & friends, this is my beautiful blog. I hope you really enjoy reading it. Most of the post are just things I would like myself to remember after years. I am like any other human, I ♥ to talk ♥ to play ♥ to shop ♥ to eat ♥ to be curious like everyone else. A girl that endeavor to make her dreams come true & explore beautiful things that caught her eyes on this Earth. And not to forget, this girl here is named Wai Mun. I grateful to have you here, and remember to love yourself today! ♥ ♥ ♥

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