went to gopeng, perak for this camp :)
it's a camp for ASA and SASA holder for HICT and HUC student
fun man~
i am looking forward to go to this camp again.

went to college quite early
then meet up SASA student at HUC to go together
we play in the bus...'the dare game' ==""
then reach at the camp, i just LOVE the scenery
anyway..the memorable part was on the way go in and out of the camp...
coz anywhere we go that requires a long journey~
we all will be COW that will stand at the back of the lorry...like this >
then we'll start to 'sim' tree [coconut tree blaaa~]
dont really know how to explain that situation...haha~

at camp we have our first activity that required us to get in touch with other ppl
although quite hot at that day, but i like the running part...
i felt so long din run like crazy ppl
especially when i tripped and fell
so long din fall down jor...HAHAHA
then we are divided into two big groups

group A will do caving to GUA KANDU while group B[my group] will do MUD HUT
yeah~so we use mud to build a REAL house
although kinda 'ewww gross' at first but it was fun :)
we have mud fight...and all the 'eww' stuff happening
the worst part was when i was doing the mud straw time,
there was a WORM at the place i was doing it
and i saw it twice....

btw i like the toilet part XD
so cute and clean
hygiene is the best

then at night ki xiao
after our drum circle that is play some musical instrument
the dare game again...
play till very ki xiao la~

[our sleeping place :D]
second day is here
went caving
climb up and down...
cool~ :D
then did flying fox...not really long but quite high...
then another challenging one was when the time we going down from the cave ...
we went out from a quite high distance
then went down of the jungle look a like hill...
quite slippery
then went back camp...pack things...clean up...time to go home
picture was taken
all in FB [but i did not post..other ppl tag me]

P:S -- explain till quite blur..coz i also blur blur now...:(

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