22/9/2009 <3

sorry for neglecting my blog...:(
kena marah from V
she also same same la...since stop at LIZARD that post
blekk :P
anyway...i almost forgot the password of this blog
and almost wanna give up this blog
just only neglect for almost a month already
miss out sooo many things i wanna share with my buddies
yea~this week is RAYA break...
went out to meet gfs...got vian..tzi...hong...and the best is KATHRINA WAS THERE TOO!!!
man...it's been ages since the last meet with her...
went to sing k at neway...
bwahahaha...of coz girls day out sure fun d...
elaine and tzi u guys miss out a lot d...BUT nevermind....my long break comin d...
still can meet up <3
sang hell lot of song for 5 hours...
man....we lost our voice ...
dunno how our SING song became SCREAM song...==""
yeap!~ we also met yick poh...catherine...and two other fren i forgot the name ...SORRY!
there it goes for my gf's day out...cant wait for another :)

anyway...haven finish eng assignment...dying soon...XD

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