It's Break!

well guyz~
i am now having break for 2 months...
haven find job everything
so no $$$ coming in
only will flow out.. do a lot of house chores...>.< SINCE it's a holiday,
been uploading my pic into my computer that is taken since 1ST SEMESTER of my college..
uhhhh~ miss out a lot of story to tell here...
so gonna post up some pic and put description on it...lazy betul =='''

12/july Klang Parade
competition is held...
but came for silentone's performance :D
go with tzi and meet vian there
then met cathleen and the gang
saw chau fong too
ate lunch with all of em
too bad abby went back early...:(

18/july Fun Fair, Giant BBT all my gf...
got sue chin & bf , ah bok
did i miss out anyone else?
hehehe...miss them a lot...
then went red island cafe yum cha >.

12/august Shogun, SP
went out with collegemates o!
go eat sushi buffet ...yum yum!
then all of them went skating
left sinyee, ruby and me shop...haha

13/august my house!!!
early of the morning at the night
was waiting for the
PERSEID meteor shower...
saw something blink blink but don't know true or not
it was windy, cloudy night...
cant really see it..
all my brother's pasal nia...haha
suddenly tell me got meteor XD

15/august Kota Permai Golf & Country Resort, Damansara
here's my college's prom :)
having fun there
just can't forget it
everyone is good looking :D

21/august SP
went out with collegemates again
this time all went for shopping...
some of them went BBQ plaza
but some of us didn't

actually there's many thing wanna tell bout each outing..
but just too many things..
and also many outing that i didn't took pic..
with my college and secondary school frenz
so my gf-s don't be sad yea...
coz i did my best already..

that's the end of my story pic...
so sorry that update it late my friends...
will c ya again~
bye !

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