::my days::

arghhh~ since holiday everyday doing house work...
today is the worst...
duh~ doing laundry since morning...
luckily these few days i slept EARLY[consider early la~]
and woke up early...

been to weihao's house at monday night...pergi lepak lepak at his house sing k
only 4 of us...T__T
others been busying doing stuff ~ piano class and college...gambate !
then thought tuesday can go out eat breakfast with vian and tzi
who knows my mum wanna go medical check up~
so rejected...

same thing happened today
been doing laundry coz today's sun is so sunny and bright
then it's the time to wash all the dirty clothes~
then suddenly vian called my house phone...wanna prank me somemore
the first i heard is vian's sound but
why she telling me where she is calling from and it is AN ADDRESS!!!
terus ask who r u...gal...i dunno ur house ADDRESS LA~~! XD kakakaka...
tell me i terus blur wei =='''
ok...back to the main topic...she jio me out do things since tzi at her house and they are BORED
but...TIME couldn't bring us together


still doing laundry that time...
so rejected again
and this weekend job...sudah piuuuu~ tak de...
so friday to sunday gonna be bored...
wanna plan go out...

siapa nak pegi?

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