Hapi Bufday Wen Zhou aKa Monkey

somebody get's older d...haha
it's wen zhou~
went out at night to celebrate with him[14th/nov] ..
early a day to celebrate coz everyone isn't free on sunday~
he treat us eat sakae...
suppose that WE treat him...
but he wanna go out with us...
forget it ...lol

anyway...before that met primary fren's at front door of sakae sushi...
hehe...met a lot of secondary frenz around jj...coz it is saturday...
went in and eat ... i just love sushi~ :D
ate sashimi...unagi...all sort of things and ramen..
lol....we talk craps...the most stupid things is what candice and elaine say the aunty in a restaurant near inti and taylor...TOO concern thingy...hear also wanna laugh...
anyway, we bought him a shirt...
and it is L size...but his body is like M size...
i guess it is way too big size for him
damn...he so thin le...HAHAHA...
somemore say he ownself fat...ridiculous...

after eat gave him that present...
then walk around...play games
then went home...coz it's already 11pm
but we girls went in a toilet and took pic...till 11.30pm
HAHAHA...girls mmg girls
but my phone cant upload photo..sad case :(
well have to wait candice upload it on fb only can c
that's bout SATURDAY story

SUNDAY story is...
my dog
he went outta the house
but the GATE IS CLOSE!!!
he fly?jump like a sheep?
nobody knows how he went out
the funny part is
he went to my neighbour house
sesat la...XD
maybe my neighbour came back home and wanna park his car in the porch
and open the gate,
my dog went in
because they wont open the gate simply
and went in the house
so my sis was giving my dog his food
and saw my dog isn't in the house but next door
damn funny
then went and open back the gate to let him in
stupid betul le...XD

about TODAY story
just now went out have lunch with tzi since she's having her break and damn free
went eat at bbt
talk a lot
and plan to meet again
maybe around this week
for few times?
cant wait to see her again
she say so long didn't meet elaine and candice...
she also miss them a lot...
will see the next post...

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