gonna get old soon
get a job this month
will work for 1 month plus
quite busy
a lot of things happened
tired and often didn't update my blog
my blog is almost dead

wat i wanna say is
thanks elaine for driving me out
love ya~

i miss everyone
gowwhry too
she's back but too bad
everyone seems busy
i guess she's upset cant meet us
and she's back to nz today
fine~ make it one day that all of us go find her
that would be a great trip together

my phone bluetooth is back
but the battery is insane now
and the only problem can solve it is money
money money
very freakin f with it

went to HUC for dining etiquette last tuesday
[15 dec 09]
but i guess the time is short
so cant stay back and hav fun with everyone
quite tired coz the next day need to work

in my working process
i keep on saw a lot of RM frenz
or some other ppl
miss them a lot o!
even those u see before but seldom talk will remember u
should make gathering
miss school a lot!
just too bad that our form 5 science class block had been demolished
memories of frogs, chair, table, laugh, magic cubic, doing sumthing else while teacher's teaching, rushing hw on the early morning for pass up later, 'booking' books/exercises for copying, floods, hysteria, toilet got ghost, , doing my acc in moral class, sleepin in lab, packing bags early before class dismiss, toilet mirror changing place, bringing all tuition hw to school instead of school books,
teasing some classmates, eat in class, sleep during teacher teaches, i miss PN NORAZAN!!!, play chor dai di with handmade card[susin], stupid teachers who dont know it is gambling instead of playing ALPHABETICAL CARD, getting late in class coz overslept[marcus get 1st award], freakin f- up with the head master who only show up on monday morning, guru discipline who doesn't look like it, get into teacher's toilet, sms during class for plkn's result...duh~ , singing 'happy birthday' song that continued by other classes, .....wat else?
i miss a lot of memories that i didn't mentioned here
hahaha suay..
just lost my purse
everything i need and important just gone
so can say as broke
i mean it...
tak de cash ma...
and the sales in on
wanna buy stuff so tough
wait la...
wait my cash come back
i need PATIENCE now

i dont know what to post else than this
coz holiday makes me miss school life
i saw a lot of them
just make me remind of the times
we've been together
how crazy we have done
love all of u!!!

2 Scuttlebutt:

  1. lolx~those stuff we did in school u wrote it here~
    memorable laa~btw,when u lost ur purse?


  2. hahaha~ nice more fun one but i too tired to think of it...just back from work mind already gonna shut down...XD




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