happy christmas =)

it's christmas!
but i am working
sad case

well celebrate the eve at candice's house
ki xiao crapping
and get wet
[not kathrina and me :D]

just that we didn't exchange xmas gift
coz everyone suddenly plan it out
such a rush
but we made it
anyway, bok brought his xiong xiong to candice's house
SO CUTE >..<>as how nice right? haha
nothing special for this year xmas
but just glad i am still here as myself
lol...nobody understand it

TO 'S'
we didn't say anything about u that is not true
dont get it wrong
everyone get screwed up today
no one is excluded
we r sad that u leave okay~
hope that your mum is fine
so as ur future
and hope that u are fine
really hope that...

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