feel the breeeeeze~

hey guys! it's back to my blog time!
well it's quite happy to say tha

i've done all my assignment
and just left one
for FAS
feel the breeze~
final is around the corner
i'm gonna finish my 2nd year 1st sem
well PSY215 class have a lot of activity conducted
not just only a normal lecture
we have presentation on normal lecture day
we have workshops
and some outgoing things miss chee brought out
this just makes me miss my childhood time
in her lecture this tuesday



sat i get to sleep the whole day
that's cool for me
it's been a long time since i haven't get to sleep till afternoon
sunday went for karate kid movie at JJ
went out dinner with
the three psycho guy
then get to yong's house for a while
before go to JJ
for a night show
end up finish watch at 1:00 morning if not mistaken
they move to the next gathering
for WC final
and i move back home
to continue my sleep

by the way guys... guess who's this


it's gonna be another weekend for me
guess i gonna spend
a lot of time
doing my favourite things again
love it

this is my neighbour's dog


is tomorrow!!!
cant wait to get there
eat sushi~

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